5 Best Places to Download Free Fonts

By Nathatype Studio on March 25, 2022

5 Best Places to Download Free Fonts – Are you looking for free fonts? Then, where can you get the fonts for free? What do you need to know before downloading the fonts for free?

Before downloading free fonts, you need to know the licenses given by the font designers to users. Here are several licenses you need to know in advance.

  • 100% Free: You are allowed to use the font types for either personal or commercial use
  • Free personal use: You are allowed to use the font types only for a non-profitable use.
  • Demo: You are only allowed to try the font types, but not allowed to use them for any personal and commercial uses.

After knowing the licenses, you can now visit the sites to download the free font. Here are the sites to visit. Let’s go!



On the first list, Dafont becomes one of the sites you can visit to download a number of free legal fonts. You can sort out your download list in the order of the theme, author, popularity, and alphabet based on your needs. Before starting to download, make sure you check out the given licenses and read other users’ comments because some of the fonts do not work well.

In addition, you may donate to the author creating the fonts via PayPal by clicking the “Donate to author” below the “Download” button.


Font Space

As per the name, the site offers you the space looking theme fonts. There are more than 86,000 fonts you can choose to download on the site.

Font Space provides you with the “Preview” menu to ease you to look and decide which font is best for you. You are allowed to download any fonts you want without having an account on the site. Besides, you can switch to the “Dark Mode” if you would like to use the website in the bright display.


1001 Free Fonts

Another site to download free legal fonts is 1001 Free Fonts. You can explore a lot of font types based on the theme, style, designer, and the best fonts they offer on this site. Also, you can try the fonts through the “Preview” menu, so it helps you choose which font meets your needs.

Like Dafont, 1001 Free Fonts offers users to donate to the author as the font creator. The site also provides easy ways to purchase the fonts for commercial uses.



Clickfreefonts is a website created by Din Studio. You can download a variety of free legal fonts based on the theme, style, popularity, and alphabetical. The site’s display is simple and it eases to download your desired fonts. You can also see the font qualities through the ratings given by other users.

What is interesting is that Clickfreefonts does not have any advertisements on the site, so you will not get distracted while exploring the fonts.


1001 Fonts

If the sites above are not enough for you, try to visit the 1001 Fonts site. 1001 Fonts offers you more than 30,000 free legal fonts in 17,000 families. There are various font types available on the site which you can even choose based on the decade. Some of the fonts on this site are free to be commercially used. Additionally, you can make use of the “Forum” feature to discuss everything related to fonts.


Those are the sites you can use to download the fonts for free. However, you have to make sure of the given licenses before downloading. Happy Designing!

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