Collages vs. Montages: What Makes Them Different?

By Nathatype Studio on January 31, 2023

Do you want to create your own artwork or just to enjoy the beauty of art? If you choose to create artwork the first choice, you will need to understand the difference between collages and montages before creating the artwork. 

Find out their characteristics and learn how to differentiate them, so that you can make a more proper decision to choose the artwork type. Additionally, you can use some to create collages or montages.

Furthermore, collages and montages are two types of art having a lot in common in combining several images or other visual elements in a composition. However, the two terms are often used in slightly different contexts and they carry different connotations.

Read along their technique differences in the visual art in this informative article.


collage and montage


What is a collage?

A collage is a type of art that combines various materials, such as papers, clothes, photographs, and other materials, into one composition. A collage can become abstract and represent nature which is often made by sticking such materials on a surface.

You can tear, cut, and arrange the collage materials to create interesting textures and patterns. A collage is often thought to be a discovery art form of which materials can be found in nature, such as leaves, feathers, and shells. 

Collages can be created in a variety of styles, techniques, and media, including paper, fabric, glass, and painting. The use of different colors, textures, and types of materials in one composition can give the observer a rich, interesting impression. Collages can also be used to express abstract ideas and to convey a specific message.

In general, a collage is a fun, creative art form, which allows creators to explore different materials and techniques, and to create unique, interesting compositions.


What is a montage?

A montage is a type of art combining several photographic images or pieces of film into a single composition. A montage is used in a variety of contexts, such as artistic photographs, films and videos.

In photographs, a montage can be used to stitch together several images into a single composition that conveys a particular narrative and point. A montage can be used to create a feeling of motion or a change in time and to make a specific point by adjusting different images.

In videos, a montage can be used to combine multiple videos or images into a single composition that conveys a message and a narrative.

In general, a montage is a technique to combine several visual elements into a single composition that conveys a narrative and a specific point.

The main differences between a collage and a montage are the media and the purpose of the two. A collage uses various printed materials (magazines, newspapers, photographs, etc.) to create the visual beauty you want to convey, while a montage uses several photographs, films or videos to convey certain narratives or points resulting in a video output.


How to make interesting collages?

Making a good montage can be done in several ways as follows.

  1. Choose a variety of materials. Use different types of materials, such as papers, clothes, photographs, and any other eye-catching materials. Use materials that differ in textures, colors, and patterns to create rich, eye-catching compositions.
  2. Make a sketch or draft.This process will help you determine the locations and sizes of each element in the composition.
  3. Glue the materials. Make sure that the materials are securely attached and do not come off easily.
  4. Use the perspective and the perception: Get the elements to appear either closer or farther. In other words, you try to create a 3D effect.
  5. Make technical experiments. Making experiments with different techniques, such as printing, drawing, or writing on materials can add depth and complexity to your composition.
  6. Feel free to change the composition. A collage is a flexible type of art, so you can change or add elements as you feel like it.
  7. Make a collage according to your wishes. A collage is an art that can also describe the creator’s identity with various color choices and selected visuals. 


How to make an interesting montage?

The following ways are steps to make a good montage.

  1. Choose the proper image or footage. Choose an image that fits the narration or point you want to convey in your montage.
  2. Create a sketch or storyboard. This will help you determine the locations and sizes of each element in the composition.
  3. Use editing software. There are many editing software that can be used, such as Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, or Lightworks.
  4. Feel free to crop or edit images. Feel free to crop or edit images or footage as needed to create the desired effect.
  5. Play with transitions. Cross-fade, cut, and dissolve to combine images or pieces of films into a single unit to make your montage look more professional.
  6. Use visual effects. Use visual effects such as movement speed, color, or brightness to enhance the narrative or point you want to make.
  7. Don’t forget to add a suitable soundtrack. A suitable soundtrack can make your montage feel more lively and enjoyable.


In conclusion, both collages and montages are visual art techniques with distinct characteristics and techniques. Understanding their differences can help artists make the right decisions to use the suitable techniques in their own work.

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