Flyer and Brochure: Differences and Design Tips

By Nathatype Studio on January 14, 2023

It is very obvious for graphic designers to be familiar with many promotional media terms such as poster, flyer, brochure, billboard, etc. However, both brochure and flyer are often mistaken since these promotional media come in relatively small-sized pieces of paper.

First, flyers are promotional media similar to leaflets and printed on A6 paper or smaller. They typically deliver basic information about product, service or events. It is mostly used to quickly and effectively share information.

Meanwhile, brochures are promotional media usually printed on A4 or A5 paper and always have folds. They also have more pages than flyers because they tend to share detailed information about product, service or event.

Now that we have discussed them, you should be quite clear about them.


The Differences between Flyer and Brochure

Regardless of how similar flyer to brochure, some differences can’t be ignored, such as:

Paper size

Brochures are usually bigger than flyers. While brochures come in A4 or A5 size, flyers have A6 or smaller size paper. Brochures are often folded to distribute the pages as the design required, but flyers are typically single-sheet.  




Page number

Brochures generally have more pages compared to flyers. Brochures have folds and can be folded into 4-8 pages but flyers only have 1-2 pages; the front and back page. 

Printed quality 

Brochure mainly has better printed quality than flyers. Brochures are printed on high-quality paper and used long-lasting ink while flyers used regular paper and temporary ink.


Compared to flyers, brochures tend to deliver more detailed and complete information. Brochures share the product, service or event information in details, yet flyers could only provide basic information. Of course, their page number and paper size make them different.


Brochures and flyers obviously have different usage purposes. Brochures are often used to give more information about product, service or event. While flyers are used to share the information quickly and efficiently.




Tips to Create Flyers and Brochures

In general, both flyers and brochures are printed on relatively small-sized paper for promotional media. They are naturally different which makes their usage purposes different as well.

Find more tips below to create flyers and brochures that suits your target:

Choose the right theme and style

Choosing a theme that suits your promoting product, service or event. The right theme will attract your readers’ attention and deliver comprehensive information about what was being promoted. Always choose the proper style too, for your brochures or flyers. Make sure it compliments the product or service.

Apply pleasing colors

Pleasing colors is meant to draw your readers attention. Don’t use many colors at the time to save your readers from confusion. Colors selection should also compliment the design style to keep it harmonious.

Apply eligible font

Use a font with high readability to help the readers understand the information easily. Consider the theme and the product to choose the right font. Don’t excessively use many fonts, 3 types are enough to arrange the text hierarchy, be it the size or color differences. 

Deliver the right information

Prepare specific and detailed information since brochures have more pages. For flyers, include only important information that would definitely attract the reader’s attention.  

Use attractive pictures

Attractive pictures would attract the readers’ attention and provide clear visuals about the products. However, too many pictures would only confuse your readers.

Use call-to-action

Direct your readers with call-to-action, telling them the next move after reading the flyers. It can be “Buy Now!”, “Register Now” or “Contact Us”.

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